A Day In Schulich!

It starts with multiple alarms! One goes off at 6 and the subsequent ones stretched out from anywhere between periods of 5 to 10 minutes depending on the person who sets it. It’s 7AM and you can hear taps starting to tinkle with water gushing out of them at full force to make up for those extra 5-10 minutes that were lost in silencing the Snooze! Schuligans, (as we proudly call ourselves), begin most of their days in this fashion. Water gushing, toasters popping, irons warming… it’s a ruckus 🙂 and this is just the start of the day! Dressed up, it’s the run to the school bus next, for if you’re late you’d miss it given the tight timelines the cohort so carefully juggles.

At the school, within 20 minutes, students quickly grab the available newspapers welcoming them at the reception. They then move to the canteen where breakfast awaits. It is here where most of us come to know about the real value of time. Ten minutes late and Idli is the only thing you get to have (That’s another incentive for the students to get their morning chores quickly sorted out ;)). Fueled up, Schuligans are now ready to start their day not knowing whether it’ll end in the evening or extend late into the night. On most days, lectures take up 3 hours, beginning at 10AM and going WELL unto 1 in the afternoon. On the others, they extend unto 5 in the evening with smaller breaks in between of course.  Visiting professors make it a point to make them interactive. Along with the academic content, the cohort gets to learn about several other things such as the Canadian culture (in a candid style) and unique experiences (funny and informative) of the professors. You might see students dozing off during subjects such as finance OR accounting but worry not because a coffee to keep you going is just a short walk away!

Lectures are followed by lunch in the School’s spacious lounge. Students get to choose from a variety of preparations that the GMR kitchen offers (GMR is Schulich’s Indian partner which houses the School building). A typical day’s menu includes delicacies such as Biryani (veg and non-veg), Paratha combos, Rice combos, Roti and curry, Indian veg thali and dessert. The only downside is that the menu tends to repeat itself on some days. If it so happens, the students rush out to the Hyderabad airport, a mere 5 min walk from the school, where a myriad of lunch options await them – McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. are some of the options.

Tummies full, the students now split into their project groups, assigned or self-formed, to brainstorm ideas related to their project presentations. Breakout rooms are high in demand and if you don’t want to sweat it out getting access to one (for there being only 4 in number and the groups more than 4), you act smart and reserve one in the morning. Reservations follow the Indian railway system – A handkerchief or a bag is only what you require to call dibs!

The day ends and its time to head back to the Banyan Tree, the cohort’s home for the duration of the Indian term. Tired yet beaming with energy, the cohort refreshes itself with some evening snacks in Tukkaguda, a village that lies on the way to The Banyan Tree. Once, at The Banyan tree, the students opt to relax in their villas following which some choose to sweat it out in The Banyan Tree’s club house – Squash, Ping Pong, Billiards, Foosball are the major attractions. (CHOOSE YOUR PICK!)

The day doesn’t end until the assignments and pre-reads for the following day are completed. Given the volume of the material to be read, it often ends in students burning the midnight oil. Done with the coursework, students hit their beds with the hope of battling their alarms better the next day and striving to shine brighter than ever!

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