“C” to “S” – My Journey.

Level head or level down
Grounded Mind or flying clown
A slippery mat or compact floor
Is it locked or an opened door?

Choice is yours – getting in matters but winning it matters the most.

A global school gives one the charm, the platform, the smile and the winning ability, which everyone aspires for.

It started with toughness and struggle, long time back, out of school – new on the block, filled with enthusiasm – heads up, rolling and it all looked like a dream – and the dream came true.

Spiderman said with great power comes great responsibility, I say with great growth comes great responsibility. Growth became a practice and victory became a norm. But with each step ahead, a word started following me, a word – responsibility – that is heavier than a thud and as complex as a smile, this word had the power to engulf me and frighten me.

Bigger budgets, bigger teams and quite honestly bigger self! It is funny to imagine at some level that a few years of learning, a few years of following and a few years of sensibilities, gave me a giant leap in responsibility.

I wanted to fly, I wanted to continue my enthusiasm and I wanted to win but then came a hit/block – a hit in a big wall. I tried to take off, time and again, but felt someone pulling me back. The question was – Is it someone or something or me that cannot go further? I recognized, it was the slippery mat I was standing on. Science came naturally to me but what about business. I recognized that I had grown till the point I could with my background and I needed to shift my gears. I needed to compete with business leaders and I needed to win. So, this is me, now back to “S” – School. Each session, I spend in class, it gives that punching feel, it has started making my mat go dry – a perfect launch pad for me to fly.

A vacation package from work – have you ever made one, customized with the best ones you love and at the best place you want to be?

Nah, it will not be economical. It comes with some sacrifices – financial, geographical, emotional and overall mental.

Yes, I feel this is a vacation package at the MBA in India program of Schulich of Business. I gave up being in Canada for around 8 months but in return I got the best of the best professors available, yes available like a guardian, a mentor and a critique, I always wished them to be as accessible as they are. You ask them and they are with you. From the Canadian amber to Greek Santorini, from an Indian Saint to Sri Lankan tea, and from Thailand’s economic feel to Israel’s Citadel view – you get all this with so friendly a family of staff, academicians & cohort and enriched with wonderful experience of attending sessions from brilliant Indian business leaders. The course is most eventful because all the professors are eager to help after hours; the student services team becomes a part of the cohort – dream team. The course starts with Skills for Leadership and after that each day in this campus feels as if we are in a laboratory and practicing the teachings from this course – team building, team delivery and team excellence, contributed equally by the student services team, closely knit cohort and above all support staff here.

I came. I am delivering. And I will win.

I lost – yes – my ego, my pessimism and my disbelief. I can do it; rather the cohort of Fall 2016, we all can do it.

Sincere thanks to all fellow mates, kindest guardian in professors, friendly student services team and wonderful support staff.

Corporate to School – a step towards freedom!
Corporate to School – a step towards optimism!
Corporate to School – a step towards knowledge!
Corporate to School – a step towards desires!

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