Cargo ain’t no joke

Ever wondered how much effort goes in delivering your product to its intended destination? The catch is the word ‘intended’. It must be delivered to the right place in time. In time, every time!

On Feb 14, 2016, as the world celebrated its love on Valentines day, we too did the same. We celebrated our love for Operations & Supply Chain. We, members of Supply Chain and Operations Management Club (SCOMC) at Schulich India, visited the Cargo Operations of Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd., a JV company between GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited and Menzies Aviation Ltd.

We were awestruck by the grandeur of the HMACPL Cargo Operations. The amount of effort that has went into planning the operations and energy that is spent everyday was is simply put: PHENOMENAL! The high attention to detail that every process commands and the great amount of responsibility that every employee takes to make that environment better mesmerized us. All the processes are complied with International Standards IATA (International Air Transport Association). The most important concern – Safety is being followed without any loopholes, as any leakages in it could endanger national security. When we consider all these aspects, we wondered how things work in world’s largest airports!

Briefly, the Cargo (Inbound & Outbound) in HMACPL is categorized into three segments: Domestic, International & Pharma. The domestic cargo section handles all the cargo that is shipped to the country. The international cargo handles all the international shipments and hence the Customs Department, which issues clearances to the shipments, too has a vital role. A new segment called Pharma, which is equipped with dedicated temperature controlled zones, caters to the needs of big pharmaceutical industry that Hyderabad possesses.

We would like to use this platform to thank Mr. Sourabh Jain, Mr. Sripathi, Mr. K. Y. Reddy and all others for taking their time and efforts to make our learning possible and better.

A picture speaks a thousand words! Here it is 🙂

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