How do students fund their Schulich MBA?

Arranging funds for a globally recognized MBA program can be quite an uphill task. We here at Schulich School of Business understand that and want to make it easier, much easier, for you to secure the funds required to pursue this once in a lifetime degree.

Spend your next 6 minutes to learn about a few ways through which you can fund your Schulich MBA.

External Support
Most Banks and Education Loan Companies will fund Schulich MBA students. In fact today in India, Schulich enjoys great relations with Axis Bank, Incred and has a loan option with Global Education using Credila Indian Student Loan Program; and these organizations extend extremely competitive and favorable loan products to our MBA and MBA in India students. Applicable as on 14th November 2017, a snapshot of their loan offering is mentioned below:

Unsecured loan of INR 3,500,000 for a maximum of 180 months @12.5% onwards

Sangeetha Patel

Secured loan upto 85% of total cost of education for a maximum period of 180 months @9.99% onwards

Theethu Yemula

Secured or Unsecured loan for total cost of education for a maximum of 120 months @13.75% onwards

Please visit

Note: Please contact the Bank or Education Loan company for maximum loan amount and to confirm interest rate.

Indian Nationals with a Canadian Citizen as Cosigner can apply for a Professional Line of Credit with any recognized Canadian Financial Institution at attractive interest rates.

Internal Support
The school offers various kinds of Financial Support. While scholarships occupy top of mind recall, Schulich also extends support in the form of awards and bursaries.

Award Types:
Scholarships: They recognize one’s exceptional talent/promise or academic excellence in a Program or Specialization at Schulich. There are two windows when these are extended: a) to incoming students (at program start) and continuing students (during the program). Many times, Scholarships can also include non-academic criteria such as leadership experience and volunteering efforts.

Awards: Awards combine academic and/or non-academic criteria (i.e, leadership, volunteerism) and/or financial need.

Bursary: Bursaries are designed to assist students who have financial need and are not merit based, however, recipients must be in good academic standing.

It is important to note that Financial Support can be General (where all students are considered) and Specific (exclusively for Domestic or International applicants; or applicants meeting a certain prerequisite). Therefore, it is a must to find out what type of Financial Aid is relevant for you and connect with the Financial Aid team in case you may require further assistance. You can also search for the entire list here – Scholarships and Awards

So, if you are planning to start your Schulich MBA, know well that we are looking out for you.

Source: Schulich Awards & Financial Support Publication 2016 – 2017

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